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Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi Tablet

The video image quality is very, very good, in my opinion, (color rendition is especially rich and vibrant) and the sound quality is adequate, especially considering the size of the tablet and the size of the speakers (it sounds like a small table radio). The sound volume, in most cases, is adequate to fill a small room. I have not heard any distortion or breakup with the sound level set to maximum.

10″ Tablet PC, Google Android 2.2, Webcam, GPS, HDMI, USB, WIFI, micro SD card slot, 4 GB HD,512 MB RAM

Tablet looked great and seemed fine at first until you start using it….Doesnt seem to know what way is up so it flips upside down alot,locked up twice and had to press the reset,the recharging point is very very small and takes forever to charge up fully..Also you really have to press down to get the apps to work and to top it all off the charger broke when one of the out prongs fell out and remained wedged in my outlet on the wall